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        Under the helm of Nicolas Di Felice, the Courrèges House revises the geometric outlines of its iconic 1971 bottle. Mirroring its ready-to-wear collections, the fragrances of the ‘Colorama’ range are dressed in the tones of the season, staging each perfume as the definitive accessory that completes a silhouette.

        Available in seven genderless fragrances, 'Colorama' bridges the gap between the brand's futuristic origins and its contemporary expressions. From fresh to sensual, woody to areal, it perpetuates the myriad personalities of André Courrèges, couturier-perfumer. Ambroxan, Nicolas Di Felice's signature base note, infuses a carnal tinge in the sillage of each fragrance, embodying the free spirit that runs through their parallel philosophies.

         The design of this permanent range is guided by an eco-conscious approach. Sourced and manufactured in France, it employs 40% recycled glass for its bottles, and natural alcohol.


‘C’ like ‘Courrèges’, like the cycle of days renewed by each passing morning. Beyond the House’s initial, this consonant letter’s incisive curve evokes the graphic emotion of a dry cleaning blend, energized by crystalline jasmine. Conceived as an archetype of a fragrance, its floral-woody heart is a reflection of the concise idealism of André Courrèges, a creative spirit driven by the vitality of childhood. Like a time capsule, this regressive perfume frames the promise of a new day in the universal comfort of freshly washed laundry.


le messager

A spontaneous encounter, two strangers bound by a synchronous desire to find each other. An Eau de parfum with narrative intent, it captures the palpitation of a forbidden touch in the deep blue aroma of ink. Cradled in the palm of their hands, this olfactory romance opens on a fresh essence of bergamot composed on a warm vanilla musk base. Wrapped in the unctuous glaze of fresh ink, ‘Le Messager’ depicts the unfolding of ardent emotions that charge its trail with a magnetic feel.


l’eau pâle

Tale of a summer night, of the journey back from the beach under a starry sky - memories faded by the night’s spray. Shaped by the olfactory landscape of a Mediterranean island, this ethereal fragrance distills the resin of benzoin into a watercolour heart that is enhanced by lemon zest and a hint of lavender. ‘L’eau pâle’ is composed through layered impressions, the tenacity of costus charging its blend with a lingering singularity. A balance of half-tones, this eau de parfum recounts the evanescence of opaline twilight.


l’eau de liesse

An essence of summer, this heady, sun-filled eau d’été combines the savoury freshness of macadamia nuts and shimmery musk; the bliss of a sunny afternoon trapped in a bottle. A rich effervescence takes hold of the first notes of a diaphanous neroli, from which radiate the festive, aldehydic accents of cristalfizz and the clarity of a floral heart. In this luminous bouquet, iris is adorned with crisp sambac jasmine and sensual heliotrope, capturing the elation of a fleeting moment. White musk and ambroxan - the House’s signature ingredient - structure its base and linger in a sun-kissed trail that captivates the senses and transports us to a faraway place under the sun.



The emblem of hearts that beat as one, an eau de parfum with an evocative name: ‘Slogan’. A communion of free-spirited bodies, its ethereal opening unites the romance of musk and the fervor of juniper berries to empower the political intentions that Nicolas Di Felice was committed to express. The perfume of togetherness, ‘Slogan’ summons collective and inclusive emotions that thrive off its sophisticated structure.


seconde peau

A boyfriend blend, between the precision of pine resin and the delicate fluidity of tea leaves. The embodiment of Courrèges’ ‘second skin’ mesh, this eponymous fragrance shapes the body with the precision of pine resin and the delicate fluidity of tea leaves. Born from a surprising boyfriend blend - a favorite of Nicolas Di Felice - this androgynous eau de parfum builds voluptuous accents around a vetiver spine that dispel a sensual familiarity in their wake. Invisible sheath, palpable emotion, ‘seconde peau’ celebrates the individuality of the body it adorns.


la fille de l’air

An icon of freedom, ‘la fille de l’air’ embodies the emancipated spirit of the Courrèges muse, a nomadic vessel of lightness and independence. The elegance of neroli highlights the transparency of orange blossoms and the vigor of white musk. Portrait of a weightless woman who blossoms in the zeitgeist; a burst of audacity, a trail of light, ‘la fille de l’air’ inspires as much as she fascinates, asserting her singular identity in the conjugation of dissonant ingredients.



In the beginning there was ‘Empreinte’, Courrèges’ first fragrance launched in 1971. A legendary heritage scent reintroduced in 2021, ‘Empreinte’ defines an olfactory space at the crossroads of past and present, immediate and permanent. From the foundation of its chypre structure emanates a bergamot-patchouli accord with gourmand and amber accents. Unique, real, ‘Empreinte’ is a living fragrance that defies the outlines of time.