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Boutique François Iᵉʳ

Boutique François Iᵉʳ
Boutique François Iᵉʳ

        The space 40 rue François Iᵉʳ reopens following on a renovation led by Belgian architect Bernard Dubois, with a vision honoring the memory of this historic Courrèges’ address paired with a contemporary architectural gesture.

        Bernard Dubois’ project for Courrèges explores a series of historical codes of the brand, assembling and recomposing them in an unprecedented way. The historic flaghip store on rue François 1er has thus been completely redesigned in order to explore and enhance the spatial qualities of the place. A large perspective is created, directed towards the back space dedicated to the dressing rooms.

        The atmosphere is monochrome, the sound is muffled by the carpet on the floor and the fabric that covers all the walls and ceilings. In response to the cozy atmosphere of the store, a mirror game inspired by the codes of clubbing was also created, representing a universe filled with codes dear to Nicolas Di Felice, named artistic director of Courrèges in September 2020.

40 rue François Iᵉʳ, 75008 Paris
+33 1 40 70 14 60
Open Monday to Saturday from 11am till 7pm

Boutique Marais

        Paris- Avril 2021 : Ouverture d’une boutique Courrèges à Paris dans le quartier du Marais. Pour sa seconde boutique, Courrèges fait de nouveau appel à l’architecte Bernard Dubois. Située rue Vieille du temple, elle s’inscrit dans la lignée du premier projet issu de cette collaboration : la boutique historique rue François Iᵉʳ, ouverte en septembre 2020.

        La boutique du Marais est un espace plus petit, haut de plafond. Le projet a donné une structure à l’espace en créant des volumes clairs, des formes arrondies et des cabines d’essayage à l’ambiance feutrée. Ce second projet utilise les codes préalablement mis en place à François Iᵉʳ, tels que les étagères, les éléments de mobiliers émergeant du sol et les miroirs cadrés de chrome — répondants à l’ambiance monochrome de la boutique.

        Une sélection de pièces de la première collection de Nicolas Di Felice, présentée à la Station Gare des Mines le 3 mars 2021 dernier sera disponible en avant-première dans la boutique du Marais : bijoux, maille et accessoires.

119 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris
+33 1 43 31 31 86
Ouverte du lundi au dimanche de 11h à 19h

Boutique Soho

      New York - September 2022 Courrèges to open a new store in New York’s Soho.
      Located at North West Corner of Grand and Mercer Streets, this new store marks the brand’s return to the United States.

      Since André and Coqueline Courrèges opened the fashion House in 1961, Courrèges has always been supported by the American press and buyers, who were the first to defend the revolutionary Courrèges’ style. In 1973, the first Courrèges boutique opened in Beverly Hills, California, and has been followed by many others across the US over the next decade, with New York beginning in 1974.

      Today, for its return to New York and for the first time Downtown, Courrèges has once again called on the Belgian architect Bernard Dubois. This new store, located at 104 Grand Street, draws its inspiration from the codes established with Nicolas Di Felice for the historic flagship store Rue François Premier in Paris, which reopened in September 2020.

      The New York store is divided into two spaces. Sharp geometric details in a white enveloping interior in the front, contrasting with the more subdued atmosphere of the all-mirrored fitting room area in the back. The mirrored ceilings dotted with club grade spotlights evoke a rave ambiance dear to Nicolas Di Felice, and respond to Courrèges’ emblematic white monochrome atmosphere.

Courrèges New York Boutique
104 Grand Street 10013 NY - New York
+1 646 370 4181

Boutique Rive Gauche

       Paris – October 2022

       Courrèges opens its third Parisian store on the Left Bank.

       Following the opening of the New York store in early September, Courrèges continues its expansion in Paris, after the renovation of the historic flagship store rue François 1er, and the opening of the store in the Marais rue Vieille du Temple.

       The Courrèges Rive Gauche store results from a new collaboration with Belgian architect Bernard Dubois, following the codes set up with Nicolas Di Felice since September 2020.

       Located at the Carrefour de la Croix-Rouge in the 6th arrondissement, the store is spread over two levels offering two spaces with contrasted atmospheres.

       The entrance is formal, then a spiral staircase allows to access to the first floor, more comfortable, more enveloping, with a view on the activity of the crossroads. In contrast with the white monochrome atmosphere emblematic of Courrèges, the fitting room was designed as a lounge with a circular seat inviting to sit facing the mirrored booths. The spotlights, identical to those in the New York store, recall the clubbing ambiance dear to Nicolas Di Felice.

       According to Adrien Da Maia, CEO of Courrèges, «The idea with this new store is to reconnect with Courrèges’ historic clients of the Left Bank by choosing a particularly strategic location for the lives of the inhabitants of this emblematic neighborhood. By signing at this address, on the very dynamic Carrefour de la Croix Rouge, this new store will act as a medium for the brand’s influence and reinforce its long-term presence in Paris.»

       The Courrèges Rive Gauche store features all the iconic pieces of the Courrèges wardrobe, as well as the latest looks from the show winter 2022 collection.

Courrèges Rive Gauche store
1 Place Michel Debré, 75006 Paris
+33 1 57 96 78 30
Open Monday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm

Boutique Shinsegae Gangnam

       Courrèges first ever store opening in South Korea

       Courrèges opens its first standalone store in Asia on September 8th, located on the 3rd floor of Shinsegae Gangnam. It is the brand’s fifth store in the world after Paris, France, the brand’s home, and New York.

       The store is built as an experiential space where customers can enjoy and feel the brand’s products.
This new space draws its inspiration from the codes established with Courrèges’ artistic director Nicolas Di Felice for the historic flagship store Rue François Premier in Paris. The concept is based on the iconic color white, creating an enveloping atmosphere.

       The store is divided into two contrasting spaces. A calm, minimalist product display area in a solid white color highlights Courrèges’ garments, while the contrasting fitting room area is made up of faceted mirrors on four sides, evoking a clubbing ambiance dear to Nicolas Di Felice, and responding to Courrèges’ emblematic white monochrome atmosphere.

       There are two buttons in the fitting room that can be used to switch to different modes depending on the outfit and mood of the customer. Press the “Club Mode” button and the fitting room will be filled with flashing lights and muffled beats recorded in a club, offering a unique experience reminiscent of the House’s strong connection with electronic music artists. When you press the second “Beauty Mode” button, the interior goes completely dark, revealing a large beauty LED ring. The illuminated beauty ring and mirrors all around create a more intimate light atmosphere.

       Adrien Da Maia, CEO of Courrèges said : “We are extremely proud to open our first-ever store in South Korea, in the most prestigious department store, Shinsegae Gangnam. This store opening marks the beginning of a new era for Courrèges expansion in Asia, as Seoul has become a global epicenter for new trends in fashion, luxury and entertainment. Our store concept will allow our amazing fast-growing community in Seoul to truly experience the brand and our collections, and paves the way for future cultural events and projects”

3F, Courrèges Shinsegae Department store Gangnam
176, Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Open Monday to Sunday
from 10.30am to 8pm

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Flagship Francois Iᵉʳ
40 rue François Iᵉʳ, 75008 Paris

Boutique Marais
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Boutique Rive Gauche
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Boutique Soho
104 Grand Street 10013 NY - New York

Boutique Shinsegae
3F, Shinsegae Department store
Gangnam 176, Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul