Courrèges celebrates Pride with the Webster

        Courrèges and The Webster team up for a capsule celebrating Pride.

        The collection is a curation of ready-to-wear silhouettes and accessories through a prism of monochromatic colors representative of the LGBTQIA flag.

        Completing the capsule are two unisex t-shirts co-created with the association No Drama, a social platform that champions creativity and acceptance in the queer culture while creating a safe space for them to express themselves.

        Courrèges and The Webster tapped talent both in front and behind the camera from NO DRAMA to capture the capsule through their own lens for the editorial. With this creative project, No Drama aimed to explore the notion of desire through images of the community, and the diversity of bodies that belong to it. The main objective of this editorial was to celebrate queer talent and create spaces of opportunity for the queer community where they can put into professional practice their creativity. The entire team is composed of members from the community, each one with their special contribution to the No Drama vision around the idea of desire.



        Founded in 2020, NO DRAMA is an association for the queer community based in Paris. The association works as a creative platform that puts queer talent first and takes form in diverse ways: conferences, charity events, exhibitions, publications and more.

        The project aims to enable collective production to help artists, giving the queer community a safe and open environment to speak and to be heard, and offering all individuals a chance to connect.