The Slogan universe

The campaign

        Nicolas Di Felice called on two other artists to tell the Slogan story, two women who inspire him: Tess Lochanski to make the film and Carlijn Jacobs for the photography.

«The blue of the sky.
The sun peeks out from behind the clouds,
a white flag flutters in the wind and drapes the bodies that brush against each other to better reveal them..»


        At the heart of this new project is an eau de parfum with an evocative name: Slogan. Nicolas di Felice wanted to highlight the radical yet romantic aesthetics of emotion: the energy of free, moving bodies, meeting and pulsing in unison. To give those bodies the power and harmony of words, always filling them with a sensitivity.

        A creation bringing together that rhythmic movement and olfactory addiction, the scent of a beating heart.

        « I wanted to celebrate being alive, vitality. To reveal that invisible and intimate space where bodies that meet and recognize each other become simply the rhythm of hearts beating in unison. »

        Nicolas Di Felice

        To celebrate the rebirth of Courrèges fragrance, Slogan is accompanied by four new eaux de parfum, “C”, “le messager”, “seconde peau” and “l’eau de liesse” ; the iconic “la fille de l’air” and “l’empreinte”, an updated version of the House’s historic scent.