Courrèges, perfumed universe



Courrèges, couturier-perfumer



        Founded in 1961 by André and Coqueline Courrèges, the Courrèges house revolutionised the world of fashion and design. Movement, purity, colour and light: from 1965 onwards, Courrèges asserted its style, with a focus on structured lines and a devotion to white, later adding colour variations and new materials such as vinyl. With boundless optimism and vitality, Courrèges continued to make waves wherever it ventured.


        In 1971, ten years after launching the fashion house, André Courrèges unveiled his interpretation of fragrance, with Empreinte, a legendary 1970s scent. In 2015, Courrèges put its name to an ico- nic new creation: La fille de l’air, a remarkable, airy orange blossom fragrance.


      In September 2020, Nicolas Di Felice was appointed artistic director of Courrèges. His collections conveyed a clear, sensitive vision of the house.


      Passionate about the world of fragrance, he began a new project in line with his perception of fashion as a complete, all-embracing universe, and revived the couturier-perfumer tradition. To mark the 60th anniversary of Courrèges, 50 years after the launch of the first fragrance, Nicolas Di Felice wanted to re-energise the house’s fragrance universe by shaping a unique, signature olfactory offering.

The olfactory signature 



        The base accord is intoxicating ambroxan or ambrox, known for its addictive power and evocation of skin odour. Nicolas Di Felice chose it to be the keystone of the House’s olfactory universe to bring body, volume and persistence to these five perfumed creations.



The fragrances




Woody-musky. Created by master perfumer Annick Menardo, this fragrance has a surprising contrast, opening with an airy, sheer note of lively, fresh juniper berry, enhanced by a base tinged with musky ambrox.



seconde peau

Woody-leather. A pinewood/tea leaf boyfriend accord, marrying resin with signature freshness.




Floral-woody. The indulgent purity of clean laundry, energized by textured jasmine.



la fille de l’air

Floral-fruity. In its original, unaltered version, lights up with its musky orange blossom.




Chypre-fruity. An updated chypre structure. A bergamot-patchouli accord with gourmand and amber accents.

The revamped iconic bottle


        Designed by André Courrèges in 1970, the iconic bottle has been revisited by Nicolas Di Felice. Now opaque, shiny and smooth, its shaping has also evolved. At its centre is the House’s graphic signature, the legendary “AC” logo.


        Produced in France, it is made of 90% recycled glass and is fully recyclable. It is topped with a lacquered Jura beechwood cap and has a pump which can be unscrewed. Its cylindrical paper box (FSC certified), also made in France, has the same signature curve. It is available in two sizes, 100 ml and 30 ml.


Slogan is Courrèges white, pure and immaculate.


The four other creations match the colours of the vinyl pieces reissued by the House.


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