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Boutique François Iᵉʳ

        The space 40 rue François Iᵉʳ reopens following on a renovation led by Belgian architect Bernard Dubois, with a vision honoring the memory of this historic Courrèges’ address paired with a contemporary architectural gesture. 

        Bernard Dubois’ project for Courrèges explores a series of historical codes of the brand,
assembling and recomposing them in an unprecedented way. The historic flaghip store on rue François 1er has thus been completely redesigned in order to explore and enhance the spatial qualities of the place. A large perspective is created, directed towards the back space dedicated to the dressing rooms.

        The atmosphere is monochrome, the sound is muffled by
the carpet on the floor and the fabric that covers all the walls and ceilings. In response to the cozy atmosphere of the store, a mirror game inspired by the codes of clubbing was also created, representing a universe filled with codes dear to Nicolas Di Felice, named artistic director of Courrèges in September 2020.

40 rue François Iᵉʳ, 75008 Paris 


+33 1 40 70 14 60

Open Monday to Saturday from 11am till 7pm

Boutique Marais

       Paris - May 2021: Opening of a Courrèges store in Paris in the Marais district. For its second boutique, Courrèges once again called on the architect Bernard Dubois. 

        Located on rue Vieille du Temple, it follows in the footsteps of the first project resulting from this collaboration: the historic flagship store on rue François Ier, opened in September 2020. The Marais boutique is a smaller, high-ceilinged space. The project gave structure to the space by creating clear volumes, rounded shapes and fitting rooms with a hushed atmosphere. 

        This second project uses the codes previously put in place at François Iᵉʳ, such as the shelves, the furniture elements emerging from the floor and the mirrors framed in chrome - thus recreating a monochrome atmosphere referencing clubbing. 

        A selection of jewelry from Nicolas Di Felice’s first collection, presented at La Station Gare des Mines on March 3, 2021, will be available for preview in the Marais boutique.

119 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris 

+33 1 43 31 31 86
Open Monday to Saturday from 11am till 7pm

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Flagship Francois Iᵉʳ
40 rue François Iᵉʳ, 75008 Paris 
Boutique Marais 
119 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris